• Regionals 2009 in Ohio
  • Durham 2009- 3rd Place
  • Sectionals 2010 Individual- 43rd Place
  • Regionals 2010 Affiliate Cup- 2nd Place
  • Crossfit Games 2010 Affiliate Cup -17th Place
  • Durham 2010 -16th Place
  • Open 2011- 31st Place
  • Battle at the Border 2011- 16th Place
  • Durham 2011- 2nd Place
  • Open 2012 -21st Place
  • Regionals 2012 Affiliate Cup-  8th Place
  • Vitality Raid 2012 1st Place
  • CrossFit Level One Training Certificate

Working out has always been a huge passion of mine and quite frankly was my favorite part of playing high school sports. I loved being in the weight room with a group of guys pushing yourself beyond measures with one goal in mind; to get stronger than you were when you walked in. After graduating high school I went on to college and like most people transitioned to working out in a “global gym”. I thought I was stronger than ever until a friend of mine asked me to check out a CrossFit gym that he and a buddy were opening. I quickly learned I was not as strong as I thought I was. My first workout was 100 wall balls. I could not understand why I was so sore the next day when I woke up, but I did understand that I was never stepping foot in a “global gym” again. I had fallen in love…

I have been a part of the CrossFit community for 6 years now and couldn’t be happier. CrossFit is not only a fitness program to get you in the best shape of your life; it is a program that changes people’s lives. I have seen so many success stories while in CrossFit and have seen so many people reach goals beyond belief. One of the number one important things about CrossFit is to stay humble. You can never get too comfortable, or think that you are too good because at any given point, getting beat is a strong possibility. I also enjoy the community atmosphere that is created within a CrossFit gym. It is like having a second family with a strong support system.

As a coach I like to try and help people learn one huge aspect of CrossFit…Mindset. Someone’s mindset can control either in a negative or positive way how their workout goes. Staying strong mentally, and understanding there is always room for growth, is very important. No matter what shape a member may be in their body will always become tired, but if their mind is strong it will carry them to another level. Things never come easy in a CrossFit gym and as my brother says often,” you have to EARN IT and STAY in the fight”! I love seeing people grow and reach their fitness goals. Helping people succeed and become more committed to their overall health has grown to be a huge passion of mine. I am very proud to be a part of the ever growing community of CrossFit!