2015 CrossFit Open Is In The Books!

The CrossFit Open is Over…Now What? The excitement that came with the five week competition known as the CrossFit Open is, like the Open itself, now a thing of the past. We are so amazed by everyone who participated, and had so many highlights I couldn’t even begin to put them all in this single […]

Say Hello to Mr. Burpee!

“Yay, Burpees!” That’s the typical reaction you get from CrossFit athletes when they see burpess show up in the daily WOD. The burpee is the one exercise that is both mocked and respected with the same level of intensity. But despite this “love hate” relationship that many have with the  burpee, there is little doubt […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using The Whiteboard!

You might have noticed that there’s this big, white board that lines the entryway of CrossFit Northlake. There are actually two big, white boards. One is referred to as “The Leaderboard” and you record your max lifts, your Hero and Girl Benchmark workouts, and your gymnastic achievements. The other one is called “The Whiteboard” (original, […]