Fall in Love with the Process

Unbeatable Mind, by Mark Divine

This past week at the beach I read a book entitled, Unbeatable Mind, authored by Mark Divine, that was loaned to me by my great friend Amanda Hodge. I am normally not one to read books like this and certainly never thought I would be so inspired by it that I would write a blog post about it. It’s a applicable and practical read and I highly recommend it.

This will simplify your life.

One quote from the book struck me in particular and I thought that it was worth sharing. Divine writes, “In the context of everyday life choices, simplicity can mean being content with your present situation. I’m suggesting that you can conduct an overhaul of your definition of contentment. You can have a peace of mind that everything’s good the way it is – that you are who you are and where you’re at for a reason – and still have the desire for a better future. It’s when we become weighed down with dissatisfaction, a negative emotion, that we tend to complicate things. It doesn’t help to beat yourself up if you aren’t happy with the current state of affairs. Obsessing about what you don’t have accomplishes nothing. Besides, it’s distracting. Where you are now is a necessary step in your evolution, so remain content with where you are while executing a strategy for getting to where you want to go. This will simplify your life.”

Contentment does not mean complacency!

I think at that point in the book I stopped and re read that quote at least ten times and let it marinate in my ever moving mind. To be transparent and personal I have struggled so much with that lately and this was a wake up call to be still. Be still, de stress, and realize that things are aligned the way they are in my life for a reason. Prior to reading this book, I would tend to confuse contentment with complacency. I was constantly thinking how I could be a better wife, mother, gym owner, competitive CrossFitter, employee, and the list goes on. So much of my energy went into stressing about these things that I failed to be present in so many small moments that happen everyday. This quote helped me to see that contentment doesn’t mean complacency at all. It actually is a way to get your head on straight to focus on end results and goals. This applies to every member in our gym as well. It’s a great reminder to fall in love with the process of bettering yourself. A reminder to appreciate every step of the way and use those small moments to build on your ultimate health and fitness goals.


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