Find Your WHY

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Hey Guys, one of our very own coaches emailed me this week with a really good blog post. I hope you get out of it as much as I did. Thanks Kyrie!


Find Your WHY


Have you ever been asked the question “Why?” Why you do what you do? Why you chose a certain path in life? This past Easter weekend, I was bombarded with that all too frustrating question of “WHY?”  That small word can ultimately be put in front of anything you’re currently doing in your life – job, relationships, friendships, etc.  But mine kept coming back to “why” CrossFit.

Although I tried to avoid the subject, the question kept coming back into my head. I realized there are so many reasons why I do what I do everyday. As a full time coach and aspiring competitive CrossFit athlete, I see the many aspects of CrossFit. Every person has a different reason “why” and that is what I enjoy most about the question- it challenges you to dig down deep and really examine your motivations for “why” you are doing this day in and day out.

So here I am…soul searching as I drive back to Charlotte after a relaxing Easter weekend. Why do I CrossFit? Why do I stay after hours to get my own workout in?


Well, it’s simple. I feel my best when I feel strong.  I THRIVE off having to push myself and challenge myself daily, whether it’s a new movement or adding an extra 10# on the barbell. The confidence I get after fulfilling a goal translates into everyday life.  Being strong is not just for the guys anymore. CrossFit has made being strong beautiful! I know that I am discovering what I am truly capable of and I will not hold back. Knowing that today I will do what others won’t….so tomorrow I can do what others can’t. And most of all, it is me against myself; no one else matters.


So, I challenge you with the same question. Why do you do what you do everyday? What keeps you going?


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