Paleo Challenge Blog – Week 4

Paleo Challenge Blog – Week 4:


Your probably feeling great by now and the next 2-3 weeks to make it to 42 days are more a matter of willpower than anything else. Focus on the reasons why you decided to do the challenge, the results you have seen this far, the goals you have set for yourself and continue to tell the voices in your head tempting you to fall off track to “shut up.” At this point if you have been compliant insulin is rising and falling properly to manage your blood sugar, and your sleep should be more sound and restful. All of this should be equating to more consistent energy and mood throughout the day. In the gym your workouts (although never easy) should be feeling stronger. Please remember for my “scale hoppers” that the scale is not indicative of increased muscle or decreased fat so it’s numbers can be discouraging and misleading. It’s far better to judge your success so far on how good you feel and how your clothing is fitting. Keep up the great work, there is very little time left in the challenge!

Workout’s of the Week (Homework):

Workout One: 20 min AMRAP: 5 burpees, 10 squats, 15 pushups, 20 mtn. climbers

Workout Two: Strap on those shoes again and get outside. Complete the following: 8 Rounds: 1 min. fast paced run, 1 min. walking lunges, 1 min. jog or walk

Recipes for the Week:

Meals this week with the exception of dinners will remain close to the same. Breakfast for me will involve eggs, broccoli and spinach, bacon or avocado with some black coffee. Lunches will be grilled chicken, fresh turkey burgers or lean meat with more fresh veggies, or salad with lots of avocado. Lunch tends to be a time I like to have something sweet so I will be prepared with a small serving of fruit like berries or an apple. Snack will be a smaller version of lunch, or leftovers from the night before. Dinners will be the following attached recipes.

Recipe 1: Paleo Sausage Stuffed Peppers

Recipe 2: Paleo turkey sweet potato chili

Recipe 3: Paleo buffalo chicken casserole

Recipe 4: Paleo taco skillet

Recipe 5: Paleo sweet potato sloppy joes

*Snacks I will keep on hand just in case at the house are hard boiled eggs, lots of cut up veggies and some fresh fruits, and cut up strips of chicken. I don’t do too many nuts or nut butters because I feel like I have a hard time controlling my portions with those.

Goal of the Week:

Make sure you are eating enough this week! If you are still having lagging energy please food log and let Amy take a look. If your job allows it, pick one day this weekend/week to go “off the grid.” No social media, no emails, no texts, etc. Use the time instead to focus on family and friends, take a nap, go for a hike, or do a hobby/craft you haven’t done in awhile. Remember, part of this lifestyle change is realizing why you are choosing to get healthier in the first place. Obviously food and exercise play a major role, but don’t overlook the wonders that unplugging and de-stressing can do as well. This is a hard one for me to do, but is always worth it when I do!

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