Caleb’s Dad, Kira’s Husband, Northlake’s HERO: Clinton “Ruiz”

On Monday, October 26th, we will be doing a hero WOD called “Ruiz”. This WOD honors a fallen soldier and a hero. But even more, it honors the late husband of Kira Ortega, a member of the Northlake family. All of us have had the pleasure of getting to know and love Kira and Caleb, Clinton’s family. Kira is an amazing women, mother, athlete and friend. October 25th was the anniversary of Clinton’s death, and on October 26th we will come together to complete the WOD that honors his memory.

The following is his obituary:

Clinton Ruiz, 22, of Murrieta, CA was assigned to the 9th Psyop Battalion (Airborne), Fort Bragg, N.C. He died of wounds suffered to the head on Oct. 25, 2012 when he was attacked by a Taliban insurgent posing as an Afghan National Police Officer in Khas Uruzgan, Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan.


**KBS Are unbroken, if you break, perform 10 plyo lunges and pick up where you left off.
10 OHS (115/75)
25 KBS (1.5/1)
12 Over the bar burpees

In Kira’s own words:

First and foremost, Clint was the most amazing father in the world. I can’t fully express how much Caleb and I miss him. He was the shining example of a man, husband, and father. I not only knew Clint as a husband, and father but first as a colleague and friend. He was loyal, passionate, caring, and was always there for me in times of need.

For the past three years I have learned everything there is to know about him. I know that he loves potatoes, bacon, and eggs (made a special way of
course) for breakfast. I know he hates chocolate even though it is my favorite thing in the world. I know to wait for a commercial break during any sports game to ask him a question. I know to have Madden ready for him when he tells me was on his way home from work. I know to pull the shades up during a thunderstorm so he can watch the lightning until he falls asleep. I know better than to argue with an electronic purchase because I will lose every time anyways. These little things are what I am going to miss the most about the love of my life. He is what I know, and now everything I know is gone.

I can’t lie, I feel cheated out of what was supposed to be my forever. Cheated out of all the foot massages I was supposed to receive. Cheated out of that special spot he had for my head on his chest every night. Out of playing with his hair while we watched TV together. Cheated out of his sly remarks and that gorgeous smile. These things I hold dear to my heart baby cakes. I can’t help but to remember you or see a picture and smile.

As Caleb grows older, I promise to watch football with him even though I hate it. I promise to be stern with Caleb even when it isn’t easy. I will make pies for his birthday instead of cake. But most importantly, to tell him exactly what you did for our family and country along with the sacrifice you made in doing so.

So baby, I will be sad, but not forever. Goodbye dearest, like you would always tell me, “ I love you all the way.”

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