Saying YES

“Saying Yes”

When Jason and I first opened our gym I thought I would blog all of the time.  I figured I would have deep inspiring thoughts and motivating messages to give our athletes several times a week.  Than the reality set in that I am a mommy, own a gym, teach at school, and try to train and blogging took a big back seat (:  But once in awhile something hits me that I feel like I want to share.  Today, our pastor at church opened his message talking about how he had read a blog a mother posted about wanting to be a “yes mom.”  About how too often we say no to our children because the things they are requesting are inconvenient or irrelevant to our busy lives.  He talked about how this mom went on to commit to saying yes more…yes to a tea party even though clean up and set up is a pain….yes to staying in pajamas all day when your home…..yes to going to the pool for the millionth time that week and so on.  Her main reasoning, aside from enjoying the moments that pass too soon, is that in life there are going to be extremely necessary reasons for her to tell her children no in life and she wants them to be so used to hearing “yes” that the “no’s” are taken seriously.  The children will truly stop to listen instead of thinking this is just mom and dad saying no again to get us out of the way so they can do life without too many distractions or hassles.  I took this to heart in so many ways.  Obviously being a mom myself that juggles so many things I made a commitment than and there to enjoy being in the moment way more with my kids.  Than of course my thoughts changed to CrossFit and how this philosophy of saying “yes” could work so well to so many people committing to getting in better shape and being fit.  Saying “yes” to coming to the gym when the bed is so much warmer, saying “yes” to a few more reps when it would be easier to put the bar down, saying “yes” to choosing healthy food choices when the alternatives always look so much better, saying “yes” to pushing the numbers on strength progressions when it is comfortable to stay the same, saying “yes” to trying out a charity workout or local competition outside our box no matter how scary it sounds….and the list could go on and on.  Saying “yes” in the gym often puts us out of our comfort zones and makes us dig a little deeper than we ever have before. The amazing thing is that the more you say “yes,” the more of a mental edge you will have both inside and out of the gym. I promise if we begin to practice this philosophy more and more the results will begin to speak for themselves and the “no’s” and “cant’s” will slowly begin to disappear.  Dig deep and say “yes” in the gym more often, the best of your fitness potential is yet to come!

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