Top Ten Northlake Moments of 2013


It absolutely amazes me that we have already made it through a complete year here at CrossFit Northlake.  It seems like just yesterday that Jason and I anxiously opened the doors of the gym to nervously await the coming of new members.  As I sat down today to reflect on the past year and to set goals for the new one, an amazing amount of gratitude filled my soul.  I am so grateful for our Northlake community and the members that fill our walls on a daily basis.  At this point most of you know I love top ten lists, so I decided to come up with what I believe were the top ten moments at Northlake in 2013.

Changed livesWhen Jason and I first began to dream of having our own gym we knew that one of our biggest goals was to help people become healthier, fitter and more confident.  So many times outer strength transfers so well into inner strength and personal development.  So often the mindset that helps us through a tough workout is the same one that helps us through a tough day or hard experience in life.  When members share stories of how much better they feel, and when you see confidence fill faces and lift shoulders, you realize that lives are changing for the better.  We feel so blessed to be a part of that process.



Pounds and inches lost:  So many of you know I never focus on pounds.   Every paleo challenge we do I tell people to focus on how much better they feel opposed to what the scales says.   But….. I literally think that we have lost hundreds of pounds and inches here at Northlake this year.  What is even more inspiring is the stories of people whose lost pounds transferred to better overall health, less medications, and a new outlook on life.

Emma’s Paleo Challenge:  We went through three paleo challenges this year as a gym, and there will be many more to come.  By far the most special one to me was the one we did for Emma.  When a high school freshman can inspire a gym full of adults to make lifestyle changes with their eating habits a special moment is made.  Not only did it force us all to stick with it a little harder but, I think every person who went through the challenge was inspired and motivated by Emma’s hard work ethic and discipline.



First Christmas Party:  Too many fun memories to mention here, but garage dancing, certain dirty Santa gifts and Frank’s satchel certainly top the list.  Christmas is my favorite time of year and I loved that we got to celebrate it with such a fun group of people.  Can’t wait to see what kind of party 2014 ends up being…..


First CrossFit Open:  I absolutely love the CrossFit open.  Each year it is a chance for all CrossFitters to actually test their fitness within the comforts of their own gym.  This year we had over twenty new members sign up and go through the open.  It was so inspiring and motivating to see how many people who just started CrossFit not only a month or two before were willing to step out and give it a try.  My favorite moments through the whole CrossFit games process is always those moments in the open where you see people pour their everything into workouts and accomplish numerous amounts of personal bests.  This year we saw first pull-ups, snatches, toes to bar, double unders, and muscle ups happen through the open.  The open of 2014 will undoubtedly bring many more.

CFN Ladies Nights:  Bring a friend days, Margaritas and Mobility, and Paint with a Twist were all amazing moments at Northlake this year.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women at our gym to surround myself with on a daily basis.  Every single women in our gym has inspired me in some way throughout this year.  They are a picture of both internal and external strength and set amazing examples for their families.  Our ladies nights are always an opportunity to know them all even better.  Can’t wait for many more ladies nights to come in 2014.



Barbells for Boobs:  I absolutely loved this fundraiser this year.  I am still amazed at the amount of money all of you raised and the sense of community that was built in our gym.  There is always something that can be said of how good it feels when a group of people come together to accomplish a goal way bigger than themselves.  We are hoping to do some community service projects this year and can’t wait to get everyone together to help give back.



Costume Wod:  I loved our Halloween workout this year.  It was so fun seeing everyone’s costumes and watching people try to work out in tight jeans, wigs, and tutu’s.  Hopefully next year we will have twice as many people for me to be amused by all night.



PR’s Reached:  I think weekly in the gym we have seen people do things they never thought they could do before.  Pull-ups, strength numbers, handstands, muscle ups, and so many more to mention.  I love the confidence this builds and the motivation it instills in a person to reach for bigger and better.  I also love that my children get to see people do this on a weekly basis.  I tell Jason all the time I can’t imagine wanting my kids in any other environment.  They constantly get to hear people excited about setting and reaching goals.  Daily they see people push past limits and give their all…thank you for being such shining examples and footsteps for my boys to follow.



First Competitions:  This year we had a handful of members try out their first ever CrossFit competition at CrossFit 77’s Breast Friends competition.  It was so much fun to see Northlake represented so well and to see fires lit in people to want to do more.  We are sending a huge group of members to War of the Wods in January and can’t wait to see how well everyone does and have a good time doing it.

Group 1


There were certainly many more memories that will be forever tucked away in my mind as we went through the first year of opening our gym.  Thank all of you for being a part of the journey with us.  You all mean the world to Jason and I and we pray that all of you have a healthy and blessed 2014.

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