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Community Service Project Opportunity!!

One of Jason and I ‘s goals when we started the Northlake Community, was to be known as a community of people who gave back and helped those around us.  Our vision throughout this year is to do several community service projects in our area where we can join together and help people who are struggling.  On Sunday March 9, we are going to be involved in our first big project of the year and we would love for as many members who are up for it to come on out and help.  From 2-5 on the 9th, we are going to join up with the, “What if Everyone” project to help clean up “The Bin” in Huntersville.  The Bin is a place where struggling families can go to get donations of used furniture and appliances for free as they get back on their feet and rebuild homes for their families.  For many of us our home is our safe place and sanctuary.  It is a place where we can go to escape and relax from the daily trials of life.  It is heart breaking to me whenever I learn about families or people who are not able to have the simple luxuries that so many of us take for granted, such as mattresses to sleep on and stove tops to cook on. The Bin provides these necessities and more to people and they could use some help to clean up and organize their place.  As I was researching joining up with this project I was saddened to see the following quote from the bin website:

“Did you know:  That 10.6% of Charlotte’s population and 7.8% of families are below the poverty line, including many under 18 yrs, as well as those 65 and older. Challenges often include being hungry, homeless, jobless and frightened.  Previously, low-income families mostly struggled with poverty related issues, now increasing numbers of middle-income families face these same challenges. An unstable employment market, rising fuel, food and utility costs, rising medical costs are only a few of the challenges that our families face.”

If you would be interested in helping us that day go to www.whatifeveryone.com, click on the volunteer tab and sign up for “The Bin.”  Projects to help that day include inside painting, cleaning, landscaping, pressure washing, and moving furniture.  (Perfect for CrossFitters (:  ).

We hope to see many of you there!!

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