April Member of the Month




Hey Northlake, When you see Kristin in the gym give her a big Congrats on being member of the month. 


1: Where are you from originally?

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia


2. What is your favorite WOD/movement?

Right now it is C2B’s bc I can tell I am stronger and it is encouraging!


3. What is your least favorite WOD/ Movement?

Jumping rope bc I get frustrated I can’t seem to master those darn double under’s!


4. What were you doing before CrossFit? How did you hear about CrossFit and/ CrossFit Northlake?

I heard about Crossfit Northlake through our Healthy Huntersville challenge.



5. What other sports or activities do you participate in besides CrossFit?

Running and walking


6. How many times per week do you CrossFit?

3 times a week works well for me.


7. Give us some insight as to your thoughts after your first workout at CrossFit Northlake.

Humbling. I felt like a shell of my former strong, youthful self. The perception and reality of myself were vastly different.


8. Do you have any special or favorite CrossFit Northlake memories/moments?

I found that my mind has a great hold over me. When I have thought I can’t possibly do one more rep of something and I am about to stop if someone gives me a bit of encouragement I have found I can always do what I thought I couldn’t do. Our mind and our thoughts are so powerful.


9. What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit Northlake?

In the beginning, come to classes that are bit smaller until you learn the lingo and the routine.


10. What is your eating style?

Nothing unique. I try to make the best choice I can most of the time.


11. What kind of results have you seen since starting at CrossFit North Lake?

I feel stronger and more confident in what my body can do.


12. What do you do for a living?

My husband and I own Fleet Feet Sports in Birkdale Village.


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