2015 Female Paleo Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Alexis Redeemer on representing our ladies as the 2015 Paleo Challenge Winner! It’s so interesting to read about Alexis’s experience on the challenge because she touches on so many key aspects of why we do the challenge – Experiencing how our cravings change as we get off sugar! Feeling a more balanced and […]

2015 Male Paleo Champ and Athlete of the Month (Woot Woot!)

Congratulations to Hoover Gibson on winning the 2015 Paleo Challenge and Athlete of the Month! Before Hoover realizes the celebrity status he has earned, we slowed him down for a few minutes and made him share his story. Here’s what he told us – What motivated you to decide to participate in our 6-week Paleo […]


Yoga:  It’s Awesome By: Candice Case I’m really excited about yoga coming to Northlake and wanted to let you know about the awesome-ness that is yoga.  And why you need it.  Desperately. When you think of CrossFit classes and WODs, you think of barbells clanging, loud music, sweat dripping in a pool beneath you, and […]